(w. White Rice)
34.Moo Goo Gai Pan
Sliced chicken w. mixed vegetables in white sauce
(Pt)6.45 (Qt)9.95
35.Chicken w. Mixed Vegetables (Pt)6.45 (Qt)9.95
36.Hunan Chicken
Chicken w. green pepper and broccoli, baby corn, carrots w. brown and spicy sauce
(Pt)6.45 (Qt)9.95
37.Chicken w. Broccoli (Pt)6.45 (Qt)9.95
38.Chicken w. Garlic Sauce
Chicken and waterchestnuts, broccoli, mushroom and bamboo shoots, and onion in hot garlic sauce
(Pt)6.45 (Qt)9.95
39.Sweet and Sour Chicken (Pt)6.45 (Qt)9.95
40.Chicken w. Snow Peas (Pt)6.45 (Qt)9.95
41.Szechuan Chicken
Chicken w. cabbage, green pepper, and carrots in special sauce
(Pt)6.45 (Qt)9.95
42.Kung Pao Chicken w. Peanuts (Pt)6.45 (Qt)9.95
44.Curry Chicken 9.95
46.Chicken w. Cashew Nuts (Pt)6.45 (Qt)9.95
47.Sesame Chicken (white meat) 10.95
48.Orange Chicken 10.45
49.General Tso's Chicken 10.45